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I'd rather be a star than play with you Hams!
— Sparkle

Sparkle (くるりんちゃん) is a pop star hamster. She has a bit of a snobbish personality, and puts her fame and attention above anything else; but she is still friends with the other Ham-Hams, and has a kind and caring side to her deep down.

She is one of the most frequently reoccurring hamsters that isn't directly part of the Ham-Ham gang.

Character description

Sparkle is a spoiled pop star hamster; the self-proclaimed "cutest hamster in the world". She first appeared in Pop Star along with her owner, Glitter Kurihara. She has her own record albums, as Glitter takes her everywhere she goes.

Sparkle did not like the Ham-Hams when she first met them. She was shown to be quite selfish and self-centered to them; for example, when the Ham-Hams were talking about her, but then changed the subject, Sparkle said "I'd like to talk about me again!". But as time went on, Sparkle gradually became attached to them, and they consider each other to be friends. It's shown that past her fame-heavy persona, Sparkle is kind on the inside, and cares for Bijou in particular like a best friend.

In the later Japanese episodes, Sparkle developed a crush on Hamtaro. Sparkle initially tried to repress her feelings, even trying to push Hamtaro and Bijou together to stop her crush, but her feelings for Hamtaro always come back again. She races against Bijou and Oshare to win Hamtaro's heart in A Valentine Battle!, but ultimately helps them finish the race with her.

In the Japanese version, she ends her sentences with "Nano~", which is taken widely as a joke among the Ham-Hams. This is changed to "Haha~" or "Okay?" in the English dub.


The original Sparkle sketch, presented to Atsuko Kurusu by Ritsuko Kawai.

Sparkle was modeled after the likeness of Atsuko Kurusu - a Japanese actress, best known for her role in 1996's Gekisou Sentai Carranger. This occurred when Atsuko Kurusu approached Ritsuko Kawai herself, in an unknown venue (possibly something like a convention). Kurusu said to Kawai, "Bijou is so cute! Can you draw a cute girl hamster like Bijou, please?". Kawai chose to draw Kurusu herself as a hamster - leading to the creation of Kururin-chan (note the name similarities), or as known in English, Sparkle.[1]

Despite her acting career, Atsuko Kurusu never provided the voice to Sparkle in any media; which was handled by Masako Jō in Japanese, and Jocelyn Loewen in English.



At first, Sparkle doesn't care much for Hamtaro (or any other Ham-Hams), but in Someone Likes Hamtaro, she goes on a 'date' with him; and after realizing how he is always happy and so sweet and gentle, she develops feelings for him. Of course, Hamtaro doesn't return them, as with every other female hamster crushing on him. Sparkle's crush returns in Cupid Sparkle!, where she attempts to shake off her feelings for Hamtaro, and tries to help Bijou out with him instead. She (to her own shame) quickly regains her feelings for him. From then on she is infatuated with him in most episodes following, and even fights for him against Oshare and Bijou in A Valentine Battle!. Throughout the entire series, Hamtaro remains oblivious to the whole ordeal.


Bijou, like the other Ham-Hams, sees Sparkle as a good friend and is happy whenever she visits. Bijou knows about Sparkle's crush on Hamtaro and is, of course, a little jealous about it. The two become rivals in A Valentine Battle!, but make up and remain friends in the end.


Sparkle first met Oshare when she came to visit the Ham-Hams in A Valentine Battle!. Sparkle and Oshare become rivals when Sparkle finds out that not only is Oshare a famous model, but also that she has a crush on Hamtaro. While competing in a race to give Hamtaro a case of Valentine chocolate, Oshare collapses due to exhaustion. Sparkle and Bijou carry Oshare to the finish line only to discover Hamtaro has left. Oshare, Sparkle and Bijou agree to become friends.


In Sparkle's Crush, Sparkle meets Omar for the first time, and after seeing how royal he is and how exciting his adventures are, joins him on his journeys to become his princess. However, she quickly abandons him after experiencing the harsh reality of his adventures.

Notable Episodes


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(くるりん Kururin)
Derived from Atsuko Kuru's name. It is also a term meaning "to spin around and around".
Sparkle From the word "Sparkle", keeping her in theme with her owner Glitter while also tying into her idol theme.


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