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Sparkle in Hollywood

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Episode Number: 192

First Airdates

March 19, 2004
North America
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Sparkle in Hollywood (とっとこくるりん! ハリウッドなの) is the 192nd episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Sparkle is outside, deciding whether or not to see the Ham-Hams. She goes in.

Inside, she is confronted by the Ham-Hams, who belives that she wants to tell them to find a girlfriend. She gets compelled by this and decides to choose Hamtaro.

Hamtaro however, has no idea about love or even what a boyfriend is. Sparkle decides to teach him.

Throughout, Hamtaro learns different things about what he has to do, to a point where he decides that if he want's to be in love, he will focus on Sparkle more than anything in the world. By this point, Sparkle is now embarrassed. She calls off everything and plays with everyone.

Glitter is also acting strange! She is giving out freebies to Travis, Kana and Laura! But by this point, no-one knew that she was moving to America!

As she leaves, they give the girls one last gift, her last Japanese performance.

That night, Laura talks at dinner about how she would feel if they ever had to move and she had to leave her friends. But her father just got a Job promotion! They have to leave!


Ham Hams

Other Hamsters



  • Spider


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  • This is the first time that Hamtaro has heard about being a boyfriend, so Sparkle explains "How to be a boyfriend/girlfriend" as "making me dinner and playing with me anytime".
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