Sparkle in Hollywood

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Sparkle in Hollywood

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Episode Number: 192

First Airdates

March 19, 2004
North America
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Sparkle in Hollywood (とっとこくるりん! ハリウッドなの) is the 192nd episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Sparkle is nervously waiting outside the Clubhouse door, contemplating whether or not to see the Ham-Hams. After a while, she decides to go in, and explains that she has something important to tell them. However, the Ham-Hams quickly race through a series of ideas of what they think Sparkle wants to tell them; before simultaneously believing that Sparkle wanted somebody in the Clubhouse to be her boyfriend.

Despite this not being what she was trying to say at all, she gets compelled by the idea and decides to choose Hamtaro. However, Hamtaro has no idea what a boyfriend is, and seems confused at the mere concept of love. Sparkle explains to Hamtaro that to be her boyfriend, he just needs to "make [her] dinner and play with [her] anytime". Based on the vague description, Hamtaro agrees to have Sparkle become his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Glitter is also acting strange. She gives out freebies to Travis, Kana and Laura. Everyone is confused at first; but eventually, they realize that Glitter was moving to Hollywood for her television debut, thus explaining her (and Sparkle's) odd behavior.

Hamtaro and Sparkle spend the whole day together, and Hamtaro tries really hard to be a good boyfriend to Sparkle. As the episode goes on, Sparkle's feelings grow for Hamtaro more and more; and she reaches her peak when Hamtaro holds her hand. She runs away out of embarrassment towards herself, as she contemplates what to do. But at this point, Hamtaro thinks he upset Sparkle, and says to her that he doesn't think he can handle the commitment towards their relationship. Somewhat relieved, Sparkle calls the relationship off, and plays with all of the Ham-Hams; while finally revealing to them the important news that she was moving to Hollywood with Glitter.

As Glitter leaves, she gives Laura and friends one last gift: her final performance in Japan. Sparkle continues to play at the Ham-Ham Fun Park well into the night, before she finally parts with them.

That night, after thinking about the two moving away, Laura talks to her parents about how upset she would feel if they ever had to move, and she had to leave her friends. But then, her parents reveal the unfortunate news: her father just got a job promotion! They have to leave!



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