Spat (デビハムくん, Debihamu-kun, Spanish "Diablito") is a strange, villainous hamster that debuted in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

In comparison to most other characters, he has a unique appearance and personality and says "pfpth" after most of his sentences (in the original version, "debi"). Strangely, he is only noticed by Bijou when he says "pfpth".

In the Italian dub, his name is Birbo, which means "rascal" or "scamp". In the French dub, he is called Zizanie.


Spat is an evil and a sinister hamster who fights with Harmony and tries to ruin love for all hamsters. He never made an appearance in the English dub of the TV series but made an appearance in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak as the main villain. He enjoys sowing discord and heartbreak in otherwise-happy hamster friendships and couples. He is able to use a little bit of magic, as he can use his costume wings to fly (but only for short distances) and shapeshift into other hamsters. However, most of his power comes from being able to easily manipulate others.

In the later episodes of the anime, Spat appears from time to time with different evil plots. Just as in Ham-Ham Heartbreak, the Ham-Hams always thwart his plans. His magical powers become stronger in his anime appearances; he can create blue sparks from his magical pitchfork, possess hamsters with skull totems, and make things move with his magic. In his later anime appearances, he doesn't use skulls to possess hamsters (he shocks them instead). He also flies much better than before.


In the game, Spat is an off-white hamster with dark gray markings. His markings form into a small arrow-shaped top that he hides under his cap. He has a dark grey line around his belly. He has a black cap with two long stalks with an arrow on each tip. He also has wings that can enable him to fly, albeit not very well. He carries a blue pitchfork, too. Along with this, he looks like he's sleepy, and he remains like this for the whole game. His costume stays the same until you fight him in the boss battle.

For the anime, his design was changed slightly. First off, his stripe is gone and now has a "broken egg" marking on the lower part of his body. His arrow marking is longer now, going half-way past his eyes. His pitchfork's color was changed to black.

When the player defeats Spat using Harmony's Love Shots, he turns white, his hat turns into a halo, and his devil wings turn into angel wings. He looks like Harmony, not counting his half-closed eyes and a small arrow marking.
Spat the angel

Spat as an angel in Ham-Ham Heartbreak


Spat is very childish and petty. If his plan doesn't work the way he wanted it to or he can't have something, he often throws tantrums, much like a child. He also has the habit of provoking his rivals by making grimaces and rude faces when he runs out of nasty things to say. He has a hatred of "all things lovey-dovey" and does everything he can to ruin other hamsters' love. He enjoys sadness, mischief, jealousy, fights, and fear. There doesn't seem to be a significant reason as to why he hates love except that it sickens him. Despite this, it is hinted that Spat does not understand love.

Even though he has a somewhat-silly appearance and a childish personality, Spat can be dangerous. He is a master at manipulation and sometimes follows through on his more-dangerous threats. He also seems to possess some strength as on multiple occasions he is able to successfully kidnap and incapacitate other hamsters by himself.

He also may like spooky and creepy items, judging by his aesthetic. He does not seem to be afraid of things like ghosts (as he seems to think they are evil creatures like himself), but being a hamster, he is afraid of cats.

He may have some kindness in his personality, because when he kidnapped a hamster girl in Ham-Ham Heartbreak, he gave her a TV to watch and many comforts, showing that he somewhat cared for her feelings.



Spat and Harmony are always at odds with one another. Spat views her as his mortal enemy and is typically annoyed with her for thwarting his attempts to cause heartbreak. However, he may secretly have a soft spot for her. In Rin Rin! Harmony! he blushes at her while she's scolding him. This may indicate he may have a small crush on her, and that he's just being childish about love.

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Spat's Theme Song

Spat's Theme Song

Spat's theme song from Ham Ham Heartbreak.

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