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Stan (トラハムくん Torahamu-kun ) is a hamster and the fraternal twin brother of Sandy. He is very flirtatious with girls; much to the other Ham-Hams' dismay.

Character description

Owned by Noel, Stan is Sandy's twin brother. He is shown to be rather sporty (though not quite as much as his sister); he is particularly skilled in skateboarding and snowboarding. He is often seen with a pair of maracas, which he'll shake around with excitement.

Stan's most prominent trait, however, is his constant flirting with the other girl hamsters. As a result, he is often an annoyance to the other boy Ham-Hams, being seen as a "love rival" when he flirts with another Ham's crush. The girls often find the situations incredibly awkward, but try to be kind towards Stan anyway (albeit without returning his feelings). This does not include Sandy, who does not tolerate Stan's constant flirting with her friends. Stan's biggest crush is on Flora, a nurse hamster, who he falls head-over-heels for whenever she is around him.

Stan can be told apart from Sandy by the lack of Sandy's signature tail ribbon, and his less fluffy, peach-tone tail. Stan also usually carries maracas, whereas Sandy generally carries her pink ribbon. Finally, Stan’s underbelly has a distinct cream color, unlike Sandy's pure white belly.



Sandy is Stan's twin sister. The two were separated when they were very young, and Sandy made it her goal to find him again - a goal which was achieved with the Ham-Hams' help. Upon reuniting, however, Sandy couldn't stand Stan's flirtatious attitude. When she notices Stan trying to woo in the girls, she makes him stop; often using her ribbon to forcefully pull him away by his tail. While there's a slight sibling rivalry between them, Stan loves and cares for Sandy very much, as does she. The two also share a special song together from their youth, titled "Twirling Whirling" ("Kuru Kuru" in the Japanese version).



Stan often flirts with most girl hamsters he sees, but these minor crushes cannot compare to his love for Flora. He takes an immediate liking to her in Kind Flora and tries repeatedly to impress her, but she is too dedicated to her job as a nurse to notice. Stan becomes so desperate that he feigns illness to get her to treat him; which ultimately leads to disaster.

In Come on, Stan!, he is determined to receive a Valentine's Day gift from her. He tries again to get her attention, and fakes another sickness. He eventually realizes (after a scolding from Sandy) that he was wrong the whole time. To make up for his actions, he cleans the entire clinic, without Flora's prior permission; which she finds sweet, and gives him a Valentine's Day gift, signaling that she may return some of his affections.


In Lady Lapis!, Lapis agrees to go on a date with Stan. Whether this was Stan trying to cheer up Lapis after her troubles with Lazuli early in the episode, or Stan just being Stan, isn't clear; they express no romantic sentiment, though, so it is likely the former.


In Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games, if you go to Athletes' Village before you go to bed on day 3, Stan will say Lazuli dumped him.

Notable Episodes


  • In all languages except English, Stan and Sandy are named after tigers (e.g. Japanese "torahamu", a combination of "tiger" and "ham").
  • Amidst their argument in Stan and Sandy Make Up, Sandy refers to Stan as "Stanley", which implies that Stanley is his full name.


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