Stucky (ぬけないくん) is a young hamster who loves hide-and-seek. He is permanently stuck in a pipe, with no way to escape; but he doesn't let it get him down, always being very cheerful and playful. He has three starring episodes in the anime series (among a few smaller cameos), and also appears in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue and Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.

Character description

Stucky is a hamster who is "stuck" in a plastic pipe - to the point where he cannot escape - though he claims that he likes being "stuck". His right ear is also somewhat bent; similar to Boss's torn ear. He can only move by running or rolling; he always rolls around saying "Roly-poly" ("Korokoron" in Japanese).

Upon meeting the Ham-Hams, Stucky grew a strong friendship with Cappy. The two share many characteristics with each other; both being younger, playful hamsters, with youthful voices and speech patterns. Stucky and Cappy often play games together, especially hide-and-seek.

Stucky comes from a large family of hamsters, and is the opposite of Cappy when it comes to life at home. While Cappy is spoiled by his owners, there are so many other kids in Stucky's family that no one really notices him, and that's why he is always hiding. He loves hide-and-seek and is really good at it too. Cappy, at first, didn't like him because of that; but when Stucky found Cappy after he had been in danger, they became the best of friends. Both Stucky and Cappy felt that, at times, they can be left out of their main group of friends; which brings them closer together. Stucky never said exactly where he lives.

Notable Episodes


  • His Japanese name, "Nukenai", is a slight corruption of "cannot escape".
  • Judging from the size of his pipe, Stucky might be the smallest hamster in the show; or at least tied with a Hambini.
  • His pipe loosely resembles a Warp Pipe from the Super Mario Bros. series, in both shape and color.
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