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Summer Color, Solara!


Episode Number: 163

First Airdates

August 22, 2003
North America
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Summer Color, Solara! (とっとこ夏色! ひまわりちゃん) is the 163rd episode of the anime series Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Laura's mom is heading out with Laura and Forrest to see an old friend of hers for a barbecue. Boss, Oxnard, Bijou, Dexter and Howdy tag along with them.

The Ham-Hams meet a girl called Emi and her hamster, Solara, in the sunflower fields surrounding them. Emi tells a story about a Sunflower Kingdom that she claims to be located off in the distance. Later, as Emi is running through the field, she seemingly disappears, but has actually fallen and has to go to the hospital after spraining her ankle.

Believing that Emi has gone to the Sunflower Kingdom, Solara is depressed as she also really wanted to go with her! However, Emi eventually returns and the two are reunited with each other.




Other Hamsters:


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