The New Year's Kite Adventure Season 4 Stucky's Tunnel

Sunset Proposal


Episode Number: 80

First Airdates

January 11, 2002
North America
May 14, 2003
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Plot Summary

Mr. Yoshi is finally going to propose to Charlotte! And what could be better than a sunset proposal by the sea? However, it seems that everything is against Mr. Yoshi. Boss’ nose tells him that a storm is coming to spoil the perfect proposal setting! On top of that, Charlotte’s father sends his meanest chickens out to get in the way of any advances Mr. Yoshi makes on Charlotte. Up against the worst, Mr. Yoshi is ready to give up. The Ham-Hams, however, are ready to do the impossible even blow away the clouds…to save the proposal! In the end, though, it is Mr. Yoshi’s very own heart of gold that saves the day!




  • Charlotte's Butler


  • Coethe, the Rooster
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