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Super Hamster Robo-Joe

Hamtaro and Joe

Episode Number: 86

First Airdates

February 22, 2002
North America
May 21, 2003
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Super Hamster Robo-Joe (とっとこロボハム!メカじろう,Tottoko Robohamu! Meka Jirou)

Plot Summary

Laura’s grandpa, who loves to invent things, shows up at the doorstep on mile-high stilts. What other wonderful creation has he brought with him? Nothing less than an ingenious little hamster robot, named “Super Hamster Robo-Joe”! Grandpa Woody has programmed Super Hamster Robo-Joe to imitate things that he hears and add them to his vocabulary. Laura and Hamtaro are both bedazzled by their new metal companion. But while playing with Super Hamster Robo-Joe, Hamtaro finds how difficult it is to control him. Soon Grandpa’s new invention gets out of the house and the further he goes, the more trouble he gets into! Even the Ham-Hams who rush to keep Super Hamster Robo-Joe out of trouble are surprised at what a little hamster robot can do!


Other Hamsters:




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