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Sweet Paradise (すい〜ちゅぱらだいす) is a magical candy world that Hamtaro and his friends played in after they met Lapis and Lazuli. It appears in the Paradaichu! era of episodes; the Ham-Hams visit Sweet Paradise almost every episode starting from Lapis and Lazuli (#194), up until its closure in Devi! Big Panic! (#244).


Sweet Paradise is a giant candy land, created entirely by Lazuli. Its landscape is entirely made of sweets; from its mountain and hill ranges, the trees, and all other forms of nature. Even the ground and lakes are completely edible. An array of candy-coated creatures live in Sweet Paradise: including the small unicorn Chibiuni (in A Mischievous Unicorn!), and the giant butterfly Sweetgo (who was once the vicious Sweet Worm in Sweet Worm Surprise and the following episode).

The center attraction of Sweet Paradise is the Candy House. It houses the entrance/exit to the Jewelry House, which in turn marks the pass back through to the overworld. The entrance/exit on the Sweet Paradise end is a large square hole made of sandwiches in the bottom of what appears to be a candy fireplace. The Candy House also contains Lazuli's magic cauldron, where she prepares various concoctions and magic spells. It also transports the Ham-Hams to various other dimensions and far-away places in some episodes. Snoozer slept here following the closure of the Ham-Ham Clubhouse.

Other attractions include a candy orchard where Lapis and Lazuli grow various foods that usually do strange things when eaten (grow or shrink hamsters, make hamsters hungry, etc), and also a candy amusement park, of which the construction was never shown.

The Candy House held a magic jewel that powered Sweet Paradise, and was needed to keep it from disappearing. Omar took the stone by accident in The Sweet Paradise Disappears, when Oxnard gave it to him, thinking it was his. In Devi! Big Panic!, the stone was stolen by Spat. While Hamtaro was able to get the stone back from him, in the meantime, Sweet Paradise had completely vanished. While the Ham-Hams can no longer access it, however, Sweet Paradise still exists within the jewel itself, showing that the creatures living there are still okay.



  • It has been theorized that Sweet Paradise, as a whole, was some sort of (seemingly undisclosed) cross-promotion with Meiji Dairies Corporation, a large candy distributor in Japan. Meiji was a large sponsor for TV Tokyo (the original channel Hamtaro aired on), and was directly credited in between Hamtaro commercial breaks during the Paradaichu! era. These types of practices could be seen as rather shady, and are flat-out illegal in child-oriented media in countries such as the United States; however, it cannot be 100% confirmed as factual.
    • The main source of evidence for this is that many of Sweet Paradise's candies are directly modeled after Meiji products. For example, the roof of the house is an Apollo Strawberry, and Chocorooms are frequently seen flying in the sky.


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