Team Seahams are a group of pirates who first appear in Hamtaro: Ham Ham Grand Prix - The Miracle of Aurora Valley. They also are a competing team in the Ham-Ham Games tournament. They seem to work together well, except when Captain Hamstern wakes up his crew to make them train at unrealistic times. In the games, they excel at the sailing event.


Captain Hamstern

An experienced and competitive pirate, Captain Hamstern is the leader of Team Seahams.

He is tall and bulky, but he can easily keep up with Hamtaro or Boss in agility or trump Oxnard in strength.

He often wakes his crew up early in the morning to train rigorously. He can often be seen running up and down the length of the Hamcropolis Beach.


The mildest and youngest out of the group, Cubbie is the least agile out of the group due to his stature, and is often picked on by Hamberto for this reason. He idolizes Hamstern a little more so than the other crew members and wants to be just like him.


Hamberto lives up to his Japanese name (Kizahamu, which essentially means Showman-hamu). He's arrogant, confident in his abilities, and displays himself and his speech dramatically. He carries darts in his hat, and is quite skilled at tennis in the games.


The second-tallest in the crew, Hambone is a bit of a slob. He's very good friends with Hambeard, often rousing the old pirate hamster awake when the Captain wants them to train in the morning.


An old, experienced sailor, Hambeard often experiences many the pains of old age. He often muses over kinks in his back or his low blood pressure in the games, and Hambone is always there to cheer him up. Despite his woes, he is shown to be very good at swimming and diving.


Hamtaro: Ham Ham Grand Prix - The Miracle of Aurora Valley (Movie)

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games (GBA Game)

Ham-Ham Games (Episode)


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