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The Amazing Auntie Viv


Episode Number: 28

First Airdates

January 12, 2001
North America
June 12, 2002
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The Amazing Auntie Viv is the twenty-eighth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

There is a marathon race at Laura’s school and a friend of Elder Ham’s, the eccentric Auntie Viv, comes to town to participate. When the race begins, Auntie Viv and an equally competitive Boss charge out of the starting gate. Auntie Viv can’t keep up, and Boss races ahead. In the meantime Laura, who is running with Kana stumbles and injures herself. Travis who is in first place sees Laura hurt and stops to help her. When Boss sees this considerate act, he decides to go back to help Auntie Viv. He learns from Travis that sometimes there is more to sports than just winning. After the race, Auntie Viv sets out on another journey. Having made a new Ham friend, Boss is sorry to see her go.

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