The Baby Goat Season 3 The Knitting Craze

The Animal Hospital


Episode Number: 71

First Airdates

November 9, 2001
North America
May 1, 2003
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Plot Summary

Bijou has a rare case of Hamster flu! Worried, Maria, Laura, and Kana take Bijou to the animal hospital. But Boss is even more worried about Bijou! He has heard that in hospitals, doctors pierce patients with enormous needles. He thinks that the doctors want to hurt Bijou, so he “rescues” her from the hospital and disappears! According to the eccentric animal doctor, all Bijou needs to do is take some medicine and she will get well. However, Bijou is nowhere to be found! It’s up to the other Ham Hams to find and convince Boss to bring Bijou back to the animal hospital, before it is too late!





  • The doctors in this episode are Lady Oscar and André from The Rose of Versailles. Oscar's gender differs depending on the dub. In the original Japanese version and the Italian dub, Oscar is a male doctor. In the English dub, she is female.


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