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The Baby's Big Adventure

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Episode Number: 167

First Airdates

September 19, 2003
North America
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The Baby's Big Adventure (とっとこ赤ちゃん! 大冒険) is a 167th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte have had a child! Laura and Kana decide to go visit them.

Upon hearing this, Hamtaro decides to tell the others, but Oxnard, Boss, Pashmina, Penelope, Bijou, Howdy, Dexter, and Maxwell were already at his house and heard the news from Laura. They all go and visit them.

When there, the girls meet the baby and they decide to watch the birthing video. While they are away, the Ham-Hams meet the baby. Oxnard brings seeds, the Ham-Girls give flowers and Maxwell reads a book, but is abruptly shut up. Howdy proceeds to tell a joke.

Chairman Rooster, Charlotte, Laura and Kana all go out to buy clothes, leaving Big the Chicken to babysit Yamato, much to Phillip's dismay. As they leave, he abruptly sends the chickens out.

Soon after, Phillip falls asleep and Yamato escapes the house, returning a bell to the cat, leaving the Ham-Hams and the chickens to chase him.

Eventually after help from other animals, the bell is returned and they all return before everyone gets back and Phillip wakes up.






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