A Fortune Comes True! Season 3 The Animal Hospital

The Baby Goat


Episode Number: 70

First Airdates

November 2, 2001
North America
April 30, 2003
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Plot Summary

Today, the Ham-Hams, Laura, and Kana are going to visit Pepper the farm-hamster and her owner Dylan at the Flower Farm. Everybody is excited because Daisy, the goat, is about to give birth! All the Ham-Hams want to see how Daisy is doing, but once inside her stall, they find Daisy cranky and irritable.

Not realizing that the impending birth is what is giving Daisy grief, Oxnard thinks that she just wants to go outside. Oxnard opens the gate and Daisy escapes! Pepper, aware of the danger that the baby could be in if Daisy is running loose, is furious at Oxnard for what he has done. Everyone teams together to find Daisy, but Oxnard looks harder than everyone for fear that his blunder has caused him to lose Pepper's heart! Have Pepper's special feelings for Oxnard changed, but maybe more importantly, will the baby goat survive?



Other Hamsters:



  • Daisy, the goat (debut)


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