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The Blossom of Friendship!


Episode Number: 40

First Airdates

April 6, 2001
North America
June 28, 2002
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The Blossom of Friendship! is the fortieth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

One Sunday, Laura and Kana’s families go to the park to see the cherry blossoms. All the Ham-Hams decide to go along, including Bijou who has never seen the colorful buds. At the last minute, however, she can’t go, so all the other Ham-Hams, except a broken-hearted Boss go without her. When they get there, the fathers, who both forgot to make reservations have no choice but to set up the picnic under a dry, barren cherry tree. As a result, the girls are depressed, the hamsters are depressed, and the fathers feel guilty. After they all eat, though, the girls begin to cheer up, and their new mood spreads to the parents and the Ham-Hams. Eventually everyone is singing and the blossoms sprout on their once barren tree.

Boss joins them and the Ham-Hams decide to go to Bijou’s house covered in the pink buds and climb her tree so Bijou can see what cherry blossoms look like. She already knows what good friends look like. They are all around her.

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