The Flying Ham-Hams! Season 2 The Scary Museum!

The Blossom of Friendship!


Episode Number: 40

First Airdates

April 6, 2001
North America
June 28, 2002
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The Blossom of Friendship! is the fortieth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Laura and Kana’s families go on a picnic to see the cherry blossoms. Oxnard tells the other Ham-Hams about it and they all decide to go on a picnic of their own. Bijou has never been on a picnic before. Neither has Penelope. Meanwhile, the humans prepare to go. Hamtaro later learns that Bijou cannot come due to Maria being sick. Boss is upset and refuses to come, so the rest of the Ham-Hams go without him. Meanwhile, Forrest and Conrad quarrel about who is better and try to compete only to be interrupted by their wives and daughters. They find a tree to sit under but there are no blossoms on it. Meanwhile, the Ham Hams have their own picnic but Hamtaro is sad that Boss and Bijou are not present. Following some advice from Snoozer, Boss decides to collect blossoms for Bijou. The humans and hamsters sing the Hamtaro theme and the tree blooms. Hamtaro and the others meet up with Boss and Hamtaro has a similar idea as Boss althoigh Boss still wishes he could have credit for the idea. They bring the flowers to Bijou's house on the tree near her window. Maria feels better but sees the flowers and whne she sees one fall (Hamtaro) and climb back up, she decides she is hallucinating and goes back to bed. Bijou is happy.

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