The Precious Letter! Season 2 The Blossom of Friendship!

The Flying Ham-Hams!


Episode Number: 39

First Airdates

March 30, 2001
North America
June 27, 2002
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The Flying Ham-Hams! is the thirty-ninth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Hamtaro wants to learn to fly after Jingle relays the “Tale of the Flying Hamster.” Then they find a scroll about this special hamster in Panda’s house and his determination increases. In the meantime, Laura is trying to decide on a flower design for a school project and goes to the park, allowing Hamtaro time to persuade his Ham-Ham pals to join his new adventure. After a few aviation trials with a fan and some umbrellas, they look to the old scroll again and see a balloon attached to the Ham-pilot. At the local shopping arcade they find balloons on the hat of a toy monkey. When a careless shopper bumps into the monkey, the hat and balloons become loose. Hamtaro grabs onto them and the other hamsters jump aboard, and soon they are pulled high into the air. As they fly above the town, they see Laura’s flower art project-- flowers arranged to make portraits of hamsters, large and colorful down below.


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