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The Great Chicken Chase


Episode Number: 43

First Airdates

April 27, 2001
North America
July 22, 2002
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The Great Chicken Chase is the forty-third episode of series.

Plot Summary

When Laura and the other students study zoology in Mr. Yoshi’s class, everyone brings their pets. While the animals play on the counters and in the strange science sinks, Oxnard strays off to look for food. He finds some corn and starts eating it, but then realizes he’s in the cage of the mean Chicken Trio: Gonzales, Vinny and Capone.

Trying to protect his corn from the angry trio, Oxnard runs around the class, which is now in a state of chaos. Mr. Yoshi, who loves animals but is terrified of chickens, begins to panic. Soon, out of nowhere, the beautiful Charlotte appears and rounds up the rambunctious chickens. A grateful and love-struck Mr. Yoshi is dumbfounded, wondering who this beautiful woman is.

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