Ham-Ham Halloween! Season 7 Where Did You Go, Brandy?

The Ham-Ham Explorers and the Romance Story!

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Episode Number: 174

First Airdates

November 7, 2003
North America
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The Ham-Ham Explorers and the Romance Story! (とっとこロマンだ! ハムハム探検隊) is a 174th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Maxwell has another Yume story! In this one, Nana and Yu are in a cave, looking for a treasure. Nana however is taken and so Yu with his friends decide to follow.

Cappy bursts in before Maxwell could finish the story. Cappy tells them of a new cave that he has found outside. The Ham-Hams investigate. Elder Ham tells them of a tale where it leads to a Hamster Kingdom. Asking Maxwell about it, he denies this and tells the Ham-Hams that it was just a made-up story. Just before he decides to return to the Clubhouse, the Ham-Hams had already put on adventure clothes on and decided Maxwell as their leader.

Whilst inside, they head down stairs which soon turn into a slide that tip all the Ham-Hams. At the bottom, there is a shrine. This brings Maxwell's hopes up as he sees that there is in fact a chance of treasures at the end of the cave. He skips along into a new part of the cave.

Boss who can't keep up asks if they can rest, to which Maxwell refuses. Boss proceeds to sit on a rock anyway. The rock he sits on is in fact a switch and in true Indiana Jones style, they are chased by boulders. Hamtaro trips and is frozen with fear, to which Maxwell jumps in front of him to save his life. Maxwell gets injured in the process, flung across the cave but he is able to carry on, thinking more about Hamtaro's well being. The lights soon go out. Maxwell tells everyone to hold onto the nearest person. Sandy is gone! She had in fact grabbed onto a Mole who separates her from the rest. She then falls into a pot hole.

Whilst looking for her, the Ham-Hams come to a dead-end. Maxwell, who by this point has had enough of things, tells the Ham-Hams to stand back. He runs directly into the wall, smashing it down with his paws. It reveals a door. This once again matches Yume's story! The Ham-Hams enter to face a dragon.

Penelope however realizes that this is a fake and it is just Elder Ham who reveals that he once used to live in that cave. Sandy had broken out of the pot-hole with the help of a Mole, to meet the Ham-Hams in an underground haven. Sandy is reunited with the Ham-Hams and Maxwell!



Other Hamsters



  • Mole


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