The Flying Carp Season 4 Who Stole My Shoe?

The Ham-Ham Express


Episode Number: 97

First Airdates

May 10, 2002
North America
June 6, 2003
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Plot Summary

Laura and her class are going hiking on a field trip to the mountains! The Ham-Hams would like to tag along too, but having missed the bus, they figure it would take them about 3 days of ticky-tickying to get up the mountain. However, Panda introduces his brand new hand-made solution: a Ham-Ham locomotive! All board the new train excitedly. The journey however, is full of difficulties. Not only is the little Penelope, who can’t even reach the pedals, the driver, but also the road ahead is strenuous, confusing, and dangerous.

When they finally reach Laura and her class a the top of the mountain, the Ham-Hams are ready to stretch out on the sunny grass and fill their overworked, starving stomachs. But Mr. Yoshi is in trouble! His memory-filled video camera is lost somewhere on the mountainside! Then, when the Ham-Hams join in the search, Penelope falls into a deep hole! Just when it seems like the whole day is about to spiral into one big catastrophe, the Ham-Ham Express comes to the rescue!







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