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The Knitting Girl and Seamore


Episode Number: 186

First Airdates

February 5, 2004
North America
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The Knitting Girl and Seamore (とっとこアミアミ娘と! カメハムくん) is the 186th episode of the anime series Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Kana is taking Laura to a knitting class. Laura's dad gets interested in meeting the teacher and decides to go along.

Hamtaro and Oxnard take Barrette to the clubhouse, where they also have Seamore over. Seamore isn't used to the cold and is freezing on the floor. The Ham-Hams take him in. Barrette knits him an outfit to keep him warm. Seamore starts to feel better and they all have a snow competition outside

When doing a sled race, an avalanche occurs. Seamore goes for Barrette whilst Boss goes for the Ham-Hams. Back at the knitting school, Laura and her father both make a Hamtaro plush. Forrest's plush is significantly better than his daughters, whose scares even Hamtaro.




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