Scatter the Ogres, Yamato! Season 8 Mystery of the Valentine Chocolate!

The Knitting Girl and Seamore


Episode Number: 186

First Airdates

February 5, 2004
North America
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Plot Summary

Kana is taking Laura to a knitting class. Laura's dad gets interested in meeting the teacher and decides to go along. What they hadn't realized is that she, is a man!

Hamtaro and Oxnard take Barrette to the clubhouse where they also have Seamore over! But there's a problem! Seamore isn't used to the cold and is freezing up in agony on the floor! The Ham-Hams take him in.

Barrette knits him an outfit to keep him warm.

Seamore starts to feel better and they all have a snow competition outside!

When doing a sled race, an avalanche occurs. Seamore goes for Barrette whilst Boss goes for the Ham-Hams.

Back at the knitting school, Laura's Dad successfully makes a Hamtaro plush whilst Laura's? Didn't go so well... It even starts to creep the real Hamtaro out!




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