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The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro!


Episode Number: 26

First Airdates

December 29, 2000
North America
July 10, 2002
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The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro! is the 26th episode of the series and the 26th and final episode of Season One.

Hamtaro and Laura dream about being a princess and a knight in a fairy tale. The prophet hamster (Elder Ham) foretells the arrival of an evil magician and a brave knight. The brave knight (Hamtaro) arrives. Can he save the kingdom?


One afternoon, Laura reads a fairy tale to Hamtaro. In the middle of the story they both fall asleep and start dreaming.

According to the tale, Laura lives in a lovely castle protected by “Ham-Ham Knights”. One day the Ham-Star burns red in the sky, a sign that an evil magician is arriving and a brave knight will save them, so says the prophet, Elder Ham.

Meanwhile, two passersby (Oxnard and Bijou) spot the brave knight Hamtaro unconscious on the ground. They awaken him and give him food to help restore his energy. They beg for his help and redirect him to the castle.

When Hamtaro appears at the castle he introduces himself to Princess Laura. Unfortunately, Jingle appears and mesmerizes everyone with his poetry. Elder Ham proclaims that Jingle is the hero so Hamtaro is thus accused of being the Wicked Ham-Wizard and is brought to the dungeon. Oxnard and the enchanting Bijou help him escape. When the Wicked Ham-Wizard (Boss) arrives, the kingdom finds that Jingle has fled the scene. Hamtaro arrives just in time, riding Brandy who can somehow fly. When he goes to battle against the evil wizard, he is turned to stone. Soon a new Ham-Star shines bright and returns Hamtaro back to a noble hamster, and he defeats the Wicked Ham-Wizard (Boss). Laura and Hamtaro wake relieved, having shared the same dream.


Ham-Hams (listed by role):

Other Hamsters:



  • Brandy (Sir Hamtaro's companion)



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