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The Little Bandits!


Episode Number: 78

First Airdates

December 28, 2001
North America
May 12, 2003
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The Little Bandits! (とっとこラブリー!怪盗ちーず) is the 78th episode of the anime series Hamtaro and the 26th episode of Season Three.

Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope notice that there are not many female thieves in any stories they've heard before, so they and the other Ham-Hams come up with a story that involves a trio of female thieves known as "The Little Bandits."

Plot Summary

One day at the library, Laura picks an enormous literature volume for her class book report assignment. Tackling the difficult sentences and small type, her eyes soon get heavy and she falls into a deep sleep. Her dreams take her to medieval Europe, where she meets the medieval Ham- Hams In the land of her dreams, Laura is a beautiful princess named Lauralina and Howdy is an evil French Ham Ham count named Count Jokester.

Count Jokester is always telling bad jokes that no one wants to listen to, so one day he sends Princess Lauralina a precious jewel called Sunflower Star and orders her to come to his court and eternally sit through and appreciate his bad jokes. But a sneaky band of masked girl Ham-Hams, the Little Bandits, steals the Sunflower Star! Luckily, Super Detective Hamtaro is on the scene, not only to attempt to daringly recapture the Sunflower Star but also to rescue princess Lauralina from Count Jokester!





  • Brandy (Super Detective Hamtaro's companion)


  • Bijou's Little Bandit name, "Ribbon", is her actual name in the original Japanese version of the show.
  • New opening sequence immediately following the original opening sequence. The new opening features a brand new theme song sung by a female vocalist, scenes from some of the second season episodes and an updated copyright date. (2000, 2002)
  • This theme was and is being used for all second-season episodes on Canada's YTV and in other markets as well.
  • End-of-episode promo, The New Year's Kite Adventure.
  • The names and presentation of the Little Bandits at the end of the episode seems reminiscent of the four ghosts in the classic arcade game PAC-MAN: Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. In fact, Pashmina calls herself Pinky.
  • This episode reveals Boss, Maxwell, Dexter, and Oxnard are ticklish.
  • In this episode Sandy wears a big ribbon on the left side of her ear which later make another appearance in other episodes, while Pashmina wears a red somewhat jumpsuit.
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