The Little Bandits! Season 4 Sunset Proposal

The New Year's Kite Adventure


Episode Number: 79

First Airdates

January 4, 2002
North America
May 13, 2003
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Plot Summary

The weather is beautiful on New Year’s and for the occasion, many people in Laura’s town have taken to flying kites. As we might expect, the Ham-Hams want a part in the fun, too! So Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make their own kites! But when the Ham-Hams go out to fly them, Boss gets jealous that Hamtaro’s kite is flying next to Bijou’s. Boss’ temper gets the best of him and soon all the kite strings tangle into a big knot and fly away! Without even apologizing, Boss stomps away. The other Ham-Hams decide to build a new kite, but the kite is so big and the wind is so strong that it sweeps Penelope away! If only Boss weren’t in such a grouchy mood the other Ham-Hams could sure use his strength to hold the kite down and rescue Penelope!






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