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The Precious Letter!

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Episode Number: 38

First Airdates

March 23, 2001
North America
June 26, 2002
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The Precious Letter! (とっとことどけ!大事な手紙) is the thirty-eighth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

When Mr. Haruna plans to go on a business trip to their old town, Laura wants to go along, hoping to hook-up with her old friend Melanie. After Laura fails to reach Melanie by phone, she decides to send a letter. But Laura never gets a reply so a curious Hamtaro takes it up at the Clubhouse and says he wants to investigate. Just then Jingle appears and Boss and the seasoned globetrotter agree to solve the mystery.

After several days of wild traveling, Jingle and a weary Boss finally reach Melanie’s house, only to discover that she has just returned from a ski trip. She immediately replies to Laura’s letter but her good intentions are crushed after she gives the letter to her father who drops it on his way to the mailbox. Thankfully, Jingle and Boss find the letter and hurry it to Hamtaro, who is waiting at the Clubhouse. Hamtaro thanks Boss and Jingle and then gets the letter to Laura on time. Laura is thrilled to know she’ll be seeing her old friend after all.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Laura mentions that she will call her old friend "Melody." But throughout the rest of the episode, they call her Melanie. Perhaps her name was originally going to be Melody or Laura calling Melanie "Melody" may have been a common error.
  • The salutation to Laura's letter reads "Dear," but the rest is written in Japanese.
  • When Laura is thinking about her new friends, you also see the cat owner Cindy and the dog owner from the episode "Boss is a Mom!" You also see a boy that looks remarkably like Roberto (from the second season), except he has darker hair.
  • The second episode on Volume 6 of the Hamtaro home video series, "Ham-Ham Times" the First Issue!
  • The stamp on Melanie's letter to Laura displayed a picture of an orange hamster.
  • Beginning with this episode, Penelope has a new word: "ookwee!"
  • Only episode not to end in Laura's room, outside of the second-season birthday special.

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