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The Scary Museum!


Episode Number: 41

First Airdates

April 13, 2001
North America
July 18, 2002
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The Scary Museum! is the forty-first episode of the series.

Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams follow Laura to the local museum when she goes for an independent study project. Hamtaro sees that Laura is preparing lunch for her special guy, Travis, so the Ham-guys decide to do the same for their girls. Dexter and Howdy bring lunch for Pashmina and a smitten Boss brings some nuts for the elegant Bijou. Unfortunately, Boss soon learns that these nuts, recommended by Elder Ham are for grown-ups, and he’s mortified that he brought them to Bijou--such a refined and special girl. He soon redeems himself, however, when Bijou finds herself stranded in a museum display and Boss steps in to save her. He may have messed up on lunch, but he came through in a pinch when really needed, and for that Bijou is forever grateful.

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