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The Search for Dad's Glasses!


Episode Number: 29

First Airdates

January 19, 2001
North America
June 13, 2002
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The Search for Dad's Glasses! is the twenty-ninth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

After Laura’s father looses his favorite pair of eyeglasses, he, Laura and Hamtaro go off to the optical shop for some new ones. After trying on several pairs, a frustrated Mr. Haruna decides to keep looking for his old one’s. Dexter, who lives in the optical store, persuades Hamtaro to look for the old glasses because as a near-sighted hamster himself, he sympathizes with Laura’s father. Hamtaro sees a familiar looking pair at the bus terminal, so he recruits Boss and Oxnard to help him drag them home. After dodging ferocious dogs and reckless cars, they bring the now destroyed glasses back only to find they are the wrong ones. To soften their disappointment, Dexter makes glasses for all the hamsters out of the broken pair, and the hamsters, once blind to one’s attachment to good eyewear, now can see.

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