Nin-Ham the Ninja! Season 4 Hamtaro and the Space Ship!

The Search for Spring!


Episode Number: 89

First Airdates

March 15, 2002
North America
May 27, 2003
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The Search for Spring! (とっとこさがそう!春とはる) is a 89th episode (88 outside in region) of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Winter is at its end but the days still continue to be cold. Laura’s Dad has heard, however, that flowers are starting to bloom around Shimmer Lake! So the family…and the Ham-Hams of course…all hop in the car for a weekend trip to hunt for springtime! But on the way, Laura’s dad take a wrong turn and the whole gang ends up in a cold, gloomy place rather than at Shimmer Lake.

Laura and Kana go off for a walk but before long they run into a little girl, Jasmin, who is searching frantically for her lost dog named Spring. Spring is gone! The Ham-Hams get a little confused and think that Spring, the season, has been lost! Will it be cold all year? Will there be no flowers, and no love? The Ham-Hams, in a panic, start searching for Spring with all their might. could Spring really be lost forever?






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