Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park! Season 1 Courage, Cappy!

The Snoozer Mystery!


Episode Number: 20

First Airdates

November 17, 2000
North America
June 28, 2002
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The Snoozer Mystery! is the 20th episode of the series and the 20th episode of Season One.

The Ham-Hams are doing some spring cleaning when Snoozer becomes a tough obstacle to move. When the cleaning is done, they all do some thinking about the true story behind Snoozer, and if he really sleeps all the time. Rumors commence about a missing hamster named Omar and Maxwell and Elder Ham bring over a missing poster with him on it. Could Snoozer be a side-personality of the traveling hamster, or is it all just a hoax?


During spring-cleaning at the Clubhouse, the Ham-Hams can’t wake up Snoozer, so they haul him outside on a table and leave him with the rest of the furniture. Then a remote-control car, powered by two boys, crashes into the desk and carries him away. In the meantime, Snoozer’s drowsy personality sparks some discussion among the Ham-Hams who realize that they don’t really know who their sleepy friend is. Maxwell arrives with a “Missing Hamster” poster with a picture of a hamster who looks a lot like Snoozer, and then they go outside and find him missing. The Sherlock Ham-Hams set out to solve the Snoozer mystery.

The hamsters find Snoozer on a truck that ends up going to Kana’s house and they follow him. At Kana’s, they meet the hamster, Omar, from the “Missing Hamster” poster and still can’t believe how much he looks like Snoozer. Omar, who left his wealthy home abroad to explore the world, learns his family misses him and decides to say goodbye to his new friends and go home.

Omar doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Snoozer, however, because as usual, his sleepy look-alike has slept through the whole thing. Still, the Ham-Hams are pleased to keep Snoozer.



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