Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium! Season 2 Romancing the Roosters

The Sports Festival!


Episode Number: 46

First Airdates

May 18, 2001
North America
August 20, 2002
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The Sports Festival! is the forty-sixth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

There is a Sports Festival at Laura and Kana’s school, and the girls are participating in the Parent-Child Triathlon with their fathers. The Ham-Ham’s decide that they want to organize a competition of their own, so they attend the festival to see what’s involved. Oxnard gets so excited rooting for Kana and her father that he starts running after them. Boss and Hamtaro follow along and pretty soon all the hamsters are tangled up in the race.

The last leg is a scavenger hunt where Kana and her Dad must find a dog, but the dog they find won’t budge. Soon Laura and her father see them and decide to help and as a result, they all finish in last place. Their teamwork gets “First Place” applause from the crowd, and the Ham-Hams get another lesson in good sportsmanship that they will surely bring to their own Ham-Ham Sports Festival.


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