Mimi's Dream Park! Season 3 The Zoo Date

The Sunflower Ferris Wheel


Episode Number: 66

First Airdates

October 5, 2001
North America
April 24, 2003
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The Sunflower Ferris Wheel is the sixty-sixth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

This episode leads on from Mimi's Dream Park!.

After the storm that destroyed their Fun Park, the Ham-Hams are very disappointed. Nevertheless, they bravely decide to start over and rebuild an even better Fun Park for Mimi! At the same time, Kana's dad tries to convince Mimi's Dad to take Mimi to the amusement park. However, the two fathers have a big argument and Mimi's dad, in retaliation, announces that he won't take Mimi to the park she so wishes to see! All the while, Mimi is napping and dreaming of the amusement park with great anticipation. When she finally wakes up, she's in for a big surprise!

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