A Summer Festival Adventure Season 1 Much Ado About School!

The Sunflower Field


Episode Number: 8

First Airdates

August 25, 2000
North America
June 12, 2002
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The Sunflower Field is the 8th episode of the series and the 8th episode of Season One.

Laura's family goes to visit their grandmother, who lives near a sunflower field. Boss follows them. Hamtaro runs away from Laura while she paints with her grandmother and wanders around the field with Boss. Can Laura and Hamtaro find each other?


Hamtaro goes with Laura and her family to visit her grandmother in the country. The Ham-Hams are excited for Hamtaro, because Grandmother's house is surrounded by sunflower fields.

When they arrive in the country, Hamtaro learns that Boss has come along in the car! While Laura and Grandma are painting on the hillside, Hamtaro gets out of his cage to play with Boss in the sunflower fields. But when they decide to return, they realize that they've gotten lost! When Laura finds Hamtaro, she tells him she's sorry for not keeping a better eye on him.

Back at the Clubhouse, Hamtaro and Boss can't wait to tell the other Ham-Hams about their big adventure in the country, and of course to share with them lots of sunflower seeds.







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