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Lapis and Lazuli Season 8 A Mysterious Seed Experiment!

The Sweet Paradise


Episode Number: 195

First Airdates

April 9, 2004
North America
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Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams are still at the Sweet Paradise as Oxnard loses control and eats a sweet. Hamsters however cannot eat sugar, leading the Ham-Hams to be concerned about him. Lazuli however tells them that all the sweets in Sweet Paradise is edible and harmless to Hamsters. The other Ham-Hams enjoy the treats.

Hamtaro, Bijou and Maxwell watch on as Lazuli jumps off an edge but bounces up again. Bijou and Maxwell follow her and realize that there is a lake of Jelly that they have jumped on. The other Ham-Hams join in as it looks fun. Penelope offers Lapis a chocolate, but she says a stern no.

Later on, Oxnard starts to bloat which Lapis explains happens when you eat too many sweets within Sweet Paradise. The Ham-Hams construct a catapult to launch Hamtaro in the air and bring him down. Lapis and Lazuli both assist with the action. Penelope once again offers her a chocolate, which this time she accepts.

As the Ham-Hams leave the Sweet Paradise, they offer to help the sisters finish off their house, much to Panda's excitement. They cover it in pretty gems and jewels and finish off the parts of the house that had parts missing. Lapis was now willing to accept the Ham-Hams as friends.

Meanwhile, Laura learns more about Mindy and her home, as well as a next-door petting zoo where her grandfather works at.



Other Hamsters:




  • When Mindy picks up Laura on the horse, it has no saddle. Later on when they see Brandy, the horse has a saddle.


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