The Sunflower Ferris Wheel Season 3 The Haunting

The Zoo Date


Episode Number: 67

First Airdates

October 12, 2001
North America
April 25, 2003
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The Zoo Date is the sixty-seventh episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are going on a date guessed it! The zoo. Mr. Yoshi has even prepared a special picnic lunch to share with Charlotte, Laura, and Kana. Of course, the Ham-Hams have found their way to the zoo, too! But things begin to go awry when Hector the ostrich not only escapes from his cage but also takes the picnic Mr. Yoshi so carefully prepared! Meanwhile, the monkeys have gone wild and are after the Ham-Hams. Ostriches, monkeys, and lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Luckily, the Ham-Hams are out of their cages and free to help set things straight.

Featured Characters




  • Achillea, an ostrich (debut)
  • Hector, an ostrich (debut)


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