Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu de Gozaimachu! Vol.1


Shogakukan Wonderland Books
Book Series
Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu de Gozaimachu!
Publication Date
JP: December 20, 1999 (first published in Second Grade at an unknown earlier date)

Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu de Gozaimachu! Vol.1 is a manga released in 1999 by Shogakukan Wonderland Books. It is a compilation of stories previously seen in issues of Shogakukan Learning Magazine's "Second Grade". The manga features what are seemingly the first appearances for many of Hamtaro's friends, including Bijou, and Oxnard. It was followed by a Volume Two and Three.

This book was seemingly planned to be released in English, renamed to Playful Hamtaro and Other Stories. It was never released, however, only being advertised in the back of Jealous Hamtaro & Other Stories as "coming soon". It would have been the fourth English release of the Japanese Hamtaro manga series.

Plot Summary


Hamtaro and his friends live in a pet store run by Grandpa. The Ham-Hams are treasured by Grandpa so much that he refuses to sell them there. They live together in the Ham-Ham House, which Grandpa built for them. But when Grandpa falls asleep, the Ham-Hams run out of the cage and play. While playing, Hamtaro got stuck inside of a glove's thumb. Grandpa cut the glove to save him, leaving Hamtaro in a red shirt - perfectly resembling his grandson, Akun's, sweater.

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  • Hamtaro
  • Sandy (Torahamu-chan) - She likes to twirl her ribbon.
  • Oxnard (Koushi-kun) - He's always hungry...
  • Howdy (Maido-kun) - Likes to clean.
  • Penelope (Chibimaru-chan) - A young girl and the little sister of Bijou.
  • Panda (Panda-kun) - A boy who loves arts and crafts.
  • Dexter (Megane-kun)
  • Snoozer (Neteru-kun) - He sleeps in his sock.
  • Jingle (Tongari-kun) - He is good at playing guitar.
  • Cappy (Kaburu-kun)
  • Maxwell (Noppo-kun) - A smart boy who likes books.
  • Pashmina (Mafura-chan) - She wears an important scarf.
  • Bijou (Ribon-chan) - A popular girl that everyone longs for.


  • Grandpa (Ji-chan) - The owner of the pet shop.
  • Akun - The grandson who likes to play with the Ham-Hams.
  • Laura's parents (unnamed in the book) - They are shown to be Akun's parents in this book, but are identical in design to Laura's mom and dad.
  • Unnamed girl - She visits the pet shop, holding a giant flower. She may have been the basis for Laura Haruna, as she has the same hairstyle, hair clip, and jacket (though the resemblance is not 100%).


  • Brandy (Ten-chan, renamed Don-chan in the anime) - A big dog who is friends with the Ham-Hams.


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