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This article is about the 2011 re-airing of Hamtaro. For the direct-to-video Hamtaro special, see Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu!.

Tottoko Hamutaro Dechu's logo.

Tottoko Hamutaro Dechu (とっとこハム太郎でちゅ), also known as Tottoko Hamutaro 2012, is a re-air of Tottoko Hamutaro, or in English, Hamtaro, with various slight additions and alterations. The series premiered on TV Tokyo on April 2nd, 2011, and ended on March 30th, 2013.


The majority of the Tottoko Hamutaro Dechu! series was just re-airings of the original Hamtaro episodes. All of the episodes aired in Dechu are from pre-episode 194, with no Paradaichu!-era episodes ever airing. There are no known direct changes to their original contents; save for swapping the intro and credits sequences for new, 3D-animated ones, and adding a border around the screen (to fill the 16:9 aspect ratio).

While the majority of the series was just re-airings, two new episodes were created exclusively for Dechu - "Searching for Memories!" and "Panda Goes to Meet a Panda", both of which aired in April 2012. They used 3D CGI animation similar to the opening intro(s). They were accompanied by very bizarre live-action segments featuring people wearing hamster costumes.[1]

The Dechu series was seemingly aired exclusively in Japan, with no known release in any other region. As the series' content was largely identical to the original Hamtaro anime (which was still airing in several countries at the time), there was likely little reason to properly bring it overseas.

Special Segments

Before each episode starts, there is generally a special segment preceding it. The known segment types include:

  • Hamtaro Communication (とっとこむ通信) - Laura narrates over videos of real-life hamsters, with Hamtaro by her side. Appears before some episodes.
  • Who is it? - The viewer is supposed to guess which Ham-Ham is being shown by their silhouette. Appears in between commercial breaks.


Series 1 (Dechu!)

Ep.# Episode Notes
1. Hamtaro
(originally episode #1)
Begins with Hamtaro Communication segment
2. The Ham-Ham Clubhouse
(originally episode #2)
3. Calling All Ham-Hams!
(originally episode #3)
4. Come Out, Bijou!
(originally episode #4)
Begins with Hamtaro Communication segment
5. Let's Dance, Sandy!
(originally episode #13)
6. The Search for Sandy's Brother
(originally episode #14)
7. Jingle, the Wanderer
(originally episode #10)
8. Bijou's in Danger!
(originally episode #12)
9. Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park!
(originally episode #19)
10. The Snoozer Mystery!
(originally episode #20)
11. Courage, Cappy!
(originally episode #21)
12. Pashmina's Present
(originally episode #22)
13. The Scary Museum!
(originally episode #41)
14. Watching Over Cute Penelope
(originally episode #34)
15. The Search for Dad's Glasses!
(originally episode #29)
16. Boss is a Mom!
(originally episode #31)
17. Oxnard's Big Crush
(originally episode #37)
18. Diamonds of Sugar!
(originally episode #5)
19. First Time at the Beach
(originally episode #6)
20. A Summer Festival Adventure
(originally episode #7)
21. The Sunflower Field
(originally episode #8)
22. Much Ado About School!
(originally episode #9)
23. The Chicken Contest
(originally episode #60)
24. Penelope Makes a Friend
(originally episode #62)
25. The Wise, Elder Ham
(originally episode #11)
26. The Scary Principal!
(originally episode #63)
27. Mimi's Dream Park!
(originally episode #65)
28. The Sunflower Ferris Wheel
(originally episode #66)
29. The Reconciliation!
(originally episode #64)
30. The Zoo Date
(originally episode #67)
31. The Haunting
(originally episode #68)
32. Bijou's Favorite Ribbon
(originally episode #15)
33. Get Well, Laura
(originally episode #16)
34. A Breath of Autumn!
(originally episode #73)
35. Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!
(originally episode #17)
36. A Fortune Comes True!
(originally episode #69)
37. The Baby Goat
(originally episode #70)
38. Hamtaro, Please Come Home!
(originally episode #24)
39. Merry Christmas!
(originally episode #25)
40. The New Year's Kite Adventure
(originally episode #79)
41. The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro!
(originally episode #26)
42. The Snowball Fight!
(originally episode #27)
43. The Amazing Auntie Viv
(originally episode #28)
44. Brandy's Big Race
(originally episode #30)
45. Valentine's Day!
(originally episode #32)
46. The Abominable Snow Woman
(originally episode #75)
47. The Knitting Craze
(originally episode #72)
48. Midnight Celebration
(originally episode #35)
49. Farewell, Bijou!
(originally episode #36)
50. The Precious Letter!
(originally episode #38)
51. The Flying Ham-Hams!
(originally episode #39)
52. The Blossom of Friendship!
(originally episode #40)

Series 2 (2012)

Ep.# Episode Notes
1. Searching for Memories!
(Part 1)
2. Searching for Memories!
(Part 2)
3. Panda Goes to Meet a Panda
(Part 1)
4. Panda Goes to Meet a Panda
(Part 2)
5. The Flying Carp
(originally episode #96)
6. Hannah is in Love!
(originally episode #93)
7. The Sports Festival!
(originally episode #46)
8. Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium!
(originally episode #45)
9. Dance, Chef Ham!
(originally episode #95)
10. A Trip of Hunger
(originally episode #154)
11. Stan and Sandy Make Up
(originally episode #51)
12. Doctor Lion
(originally episode #94)
13. The Tale of Princess Bijou
(originally episode #104)
14. Pepper's Visit!
(originally episode #53)
15. Tater's Warm Love
(originally episode #159)
16. Let's Swim, Seamore!
(originally episode #161)
17. Summer Color, Solara!
(originally episode #163)
18. Tightrope Walking Together!
(originally episode #112)
19. Let's Dance, Ham-Hams!
(originally episode #110)
20. Ghost Mountain!
(originally episode #57)
21. Sparkle's Vacances
(originally episode #113)
22. Knight Hamtaro
(originally episode #114)
23. Tomy-T and Eggy-P!
(originally episode #165)
24. I Love My Grandpa!
(originally episode #44)
25. Penelope's Dream
(originally episode #117)
26. Our Ham-Ham Castle
(originally episode #118)
27. Marron's Autumn Festival
(originally episode #172)
28. There's Really a Wolf!
(originally episode #122)
29. Oxnard Shows True Love
(originally episode #119)
30. Ham-Ham Halloween!
(originally episode #173)
31. Welcome Home Penelope!
(originally episode #74)
32. Laura and the Seven Hamsters
(originally episode #76)
33. Rin Rin! Harmony!
(originally episode #130)
34. The Animal Hospital
(originally episode #71)
35. The Little Bandits!
(originally episode #78)
36. Sparkle's Crush
(originally episode #128)
37. Hamtaro of the Wind
(originally episode #135)
38. A Wonderful Santa Claus!
(originally episode #77)
39. Sunset Proposal
(originally episode #80)
40. Stucky's Tunnel
(originally episode #81)
41. Ham-Romance
(originally episode #82)
42. Knitting Barrette
(originally episode #133)
43. Scatter the Beans, Scare the Ogres!
(originally episode #83)
44. Laura's Valentine
(originally episode #84)
45. Super Hamster Robo-Joe
(originally episode #86)
46. Nin-Ham the Ninja!
(originally episode #88)
47. Maria's Birthday Party
(originally episode #87)
48. Cheerful Ook-Ook!
(originally episode #140)
49. The Three Hambini
(originally episode #143)
50. Bonjour, Oshare!
(originally episode #190)
51. Auntie Viv and Elder Ham
(originally episode #92)


  • Broski appears in the third opening sequence, but is not present in any of the episodes aired. This was also the case for a few characters who appeared in some special segments (including Gelato).
  • The Dechu series caused a brief 2011 resurgence of Hamtaro merchandise, including items such as the "Kururin Change House" playset and the Hamtaro and Bijou "Tottoko Nakayoshi!" talking "chatter" plushes. This was short-lived, however, and Hamtaro products would enter another dormant state until late 2019.