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Troublesome Nin-Ham


Episode Number: 125

First Airdates

November 22, 2002
North America
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Troublesome Nin-Ham (とっとここまった! ニンハムくん) is the 125th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro. It wasn't aired in English.

Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams are playing football outside when Nin-Ham flies over in his kite. He crash lands in the Rooster Residence. The Ham-Hams then run over to help him.

On arrival, he tells them that he has come on a mission and that he can't return if he is defeated. In reality, he fell asleep on the kite and drifted off course.

The Ham-Hams then get into their ninja outfits and again act like ninjas.

They are soon chased by the Chicky-Chicky Gang to which Nin-Ham says are his enemy. The Hams start to fight them whilst Nin-Ham hides the fight out.

The fight continues as Nin-Ham releases all of the animals in the Rooster Residence as he tries to help them. The Chicky-Chicky Gang however continues.

The Ham-Hams are however saved when Charlotte comes out and returns all of the animals to their cages and pens. Nin-Ham finally tells the others that it was all a lie and that he was actually asleep at the controls. He is forgiven by the Hams. He leaves promising that he will visit again.



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