I'm going to be getting a couple bits of Hamtaro media at some point soon! I'm pretty excited since that's really what I like to collect for Hamtaro besides plushies and random memorabilia~

So far I'm getting:

Tottoko Hamutaro Haii! (Volume 3) and Movie 3 (Thai)

Season 2, Volume 2 French Boxset (I think it has like 6 episodes on it?)

Hamtaro Folge Hörspiel 4 (Lil' bit of backround on this one. This is part of a series of German CDs for Hamtaro. These are almost like audiotapes for the episodes. They're obviously a lot shortened for the sake of time, but they have the original voice actors (and a narrator in some parts I think). This CD has Episodes 9 and 10 on it ^^

Then I'm getting two Japanese Hamtaro CD's! One is for Always Ham and Girl (it's a single CD w/ a karaoke track) and also a single CD for HamuHamu Holiday

Basically, I'm planning to donate all the media I get to Ham-Ham Paradise. I'm hoping to purchase the Mandarin movies as well at some point


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