I'm back from California and I'm at my Grandma's house now! I had a really fun time but it's good to be back home. Unfortunately, there's a little heat wave going on in Massachusetts right now, so the climate isn't much different ;^^

I went to Disneyland for a couple of days (it's crazy crowded in there, thankfully we didn't have to wait-Q for rides cause we had Fastpasses for all of them). That was pretty good, but Disney World is a lot better in terms of organization and setup. I also went to the San Francisco Zoo, Pier 39 (that was awesome!), and of course, Japantown!

Japantown was a lot friendlier than I expected it to be. I read online that the people who work in the shops can be pretty rude. But maybe that's because the reviewers were acting crazy about anime and stuff (ugh weebs >-<)

Anyway, I got a lot of stuff:

I didn't have much money with me either, so I thought I made out well for what I had. Oh well, I'm home now, so it's back to work! >.<


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