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And welcome to my page in the forums. A little bit about myself. My name is Michael, I'm 16 years old and I am currently a full-time student in the UK! I've been watching and playing Hamtaro games for a couple of months now and so I feel that I can now help out in the forums and answer any questions you guys may have to ask! Don't worry, I know lots that is going on in the Hamtaro world (or at least in the English Episodes. Once I get to the Japanese one that I'm yet to watch (but will do some day) it beats me and my knowledge!)

ONE medal away! ;-;

I have also played both Hamtaro Ham-ham Heartbreak and Ham-ham Games on the Gameboy Advanced (Emulated onto my phone) and I appear to be decent at them too! (Also losing my third 'Ham-ham Games by only a single gold medal) meaning, I know I have the skills of a Hamster! (Well, a talking Hamster that breaks out of my cage every day to take part in sports events with my secret underground gang... The show seems quite dark when I put it that way!) xD

Enough of me, more of you

Now that you have basic information about me, just know that I am active on this Wiki and that I am happy to answer any questions that are heading my way! I'll also be happy to reply if you only want to say Hi!

Hello Michel, I looked over your request and think you would make a great fellow admin.--Hikaruyami-having fun* (talk) 03:12, May 12, 2015 (UTC)

I wanted to talk to you on LINE, but you wouldn't respond to any of my messages, to make sure of my existence my username is "Kush kush kush kush", message me "I know you Exist" if you can talk, alright