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Watching Over Cute Penelope


Episode Number: 34

First Airdates

February 23, 2001
North America
June 20, 2002
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Watching Over Cute Penelope (とっとこかわいい! ちび丸ちゃん) is the thirty-fourth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Pashmina is going out for the day without Penelope, so in an attempt to impress Pashmina, Dexter and Howdy volunteer to baby-sit so Penelope won’t be alone. Howdy and Dexter, both competing to be the best babysitter end up fighting with each other and a neglected Penelope wanders away. When they discover her missing, Dexter and Howdy continue fighting, blaming each other for her disappearance. In the meantime the other Ham-Hams launch a frantic search.

Dexter and Howdy search too, but the other Ham-Hams find Penelope first and are angry with the boys for not caring more about Penelope. Then the Ham-friends see the two hamsters, who are by now worn out with worry, and realize that Dexter and Howdy care as much as they do. They all enjoy the rest of the afternoon playing and Penelope has fun too, but at the end of the day she is happy to be back in the quiet care of her dear Pashmina.

Meanwhile, Laura and Kana go to the city. They find a boy named Harold who lost his mother. To cheer Harold up, Laura and Kana show him the sketches of Hamtaro and Oxnard. Suddenly, June arrives and shows Pashmina to Harold. Harold's mother arrives and congratulates for finding Harold. Pashmina realizes that Harold reminds her of Penelope.

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