The Scary Museum! Season 2 The Great Chicken Chase

Welcome Pepper!


Episode Number: 42

First Airdates

April 20, 2001
North America
July 19, 2002
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Welcome Pepper! is the forty-second episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Today Dylan and Pepper are coming to town for a visit. Kana and Laura think long and hard about how to entertain their friend. Oxnard, a big fan of Pepper, makes some plans as well. He decides that since Pepper has never been to the city before, that he, Boss and Hamtaro should show her around. Pepper is immediately lured into the department store, and soon they all find themselves at the rooftop amusement park and zoo. As an animal of sorts herself, Pepper makes friends with all the zoo animals and sets them free only to wreak havoc on the department store. Soon Laura, Kana and Dylan arrive and Dylan is able to settle things down.

Oxnard and Hamtaro then take Pepper to the special Chick-ah Chick-ah Point where the other hamsters have prepared a special party for her. Laura, Kana and Dylan decide to go to The Point too and a colorful sunset fills the sky and brings a beautiful end to a special day with friends.

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