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Where Are You, Cappy?

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Episode Number: 120

First Airdates

October 18, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

We start off with Laura showing Hamtaro a gift she has bought for Kana she then abruptly leaves and goes to her house.

Hamtaro then escapes from his cage and heads to the clubhouse. Once there, the Hams decide on what to play. Cappy wants to play hide and seek but no-one else hears him. When the others decide to play Dodge Ball, Cappy follows Boss to his room whilst he looks for the ball. Cappy then notices a new tunnel and asks Boss about it. Boss replies saying that it is endless. The Hams then head outside and start to play.

Stucky calls out to which Cappy goes and searches for him. They then decide to go into the cave, playing hide and seek at the same time.

We go to the girls who are doing homework, when Kana shows Laura her new hair clip. It's the same one as the gift! Laura decides to hold back the gift.

Stucky and Cappy are now in the cave when an Earthquake strikes, trapping them both. On the surface, the other Hams have now realized that Cappy is now missing. They start searching for him. Boss decides to check the clubhouse as maybe he had returned to it. He check with Snoozer who says that they went exploring in the tunnel. Boss exclaims that the Tunnel is not secured and that they could be in trouble.

We go back to the girls which after the earthquake, Laura accidentally knocks over the gift. Kana sees this and opens the gift. She sees that it's the same as hers. She then gifts Laura her one and takes the other as a gift.

We then see the Hams using the Ham-Ham Express as they start a search in the tunnels for Cappy. They then hear calls for help from him and Panda also recognizes Stucky's voice. Hamtaro tells Penelope to turn right, but still not knowing her directions, the makes a left turn. The train plows straight into a wall, nearly taking Cappy and Stucky out with it.

The Ham-Hams rescue them whilst getting flushed out by water as the cave sinks in. Cappy finally apologizes to the Hams for thinking poorly of them. They all decide to play hide and seek for the rest of the day.



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