The Ham-Ham Express Season 4 Keeping Promises

Who Stole My Shoe?


Episode Number: 98

First Airdates

May 17, 2002
North America
June 9, 2003
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Plot Summary

At Laura’s school, something strange is happening. Everyone’s shoes are disappearing! So Hamtaro becomes a private investiham, and with his magnifying glass, goes on a hunt for the culprit. But Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams run into trouble when an escaped monkey begins to chase after them! Trapped into a corner by the monkey, there seems to be no way out for our friends! But a brave four-legged helper comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, Roberto is looking for something too…but not shoes! He’s lost his new puppy. Laura and Kana help Roberto look for the mischievous little pup. And when they find the little guy, something else turns up too!





  • Samba
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