Yume (夢, Yume-chan) is the technical owner of Maxwell. He is owned by her older brother, but she's the one that actually looks after him. She is also the youngest child of the book store owners.

In her spare time, she writes stories about the love life of two hamsters named Nana and Yu. Her stories tend to follow the love life of Maxwell (her Hamster) and Sandy.

In Yume, Tell Us a Story!, Zack torments Yume by taking one of her books. This causes her to get upset and she runs off home.

In the episode A Little Love Story!, She writes a book about a hamster called Nana and her love for a hamster named Yu. This interestingly takes the same form of relationship Maxwell (her hamster) had with Sandy.

In The Ham-Ham Explorers and the Romance Story!, she makes a second book, this time of hamsters on an adventure in a cave. Once again the plot mimics that of the Ham-Ham's adventures.


  • She attends the same school as Laura and Kana but is a year younger.
  • Yume (夢) translates to 'Dream' because of the fact that she writes stories that the Ham-Hams tend to go on themselves.
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