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Yume, Tell Us a Story!


Episode Number: 139

First Airdates

March 7, 2003
North America
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Zack runs into the book store which Yume and Maxwell are in charge of. Yume allows Zack to quickly read some manga as it is now allowed in the convenience store. That night, she continues to write her stories which Maxwell shares with the Ham-Hams each day at the clubhouse. Enjoying them so much with Yume stopping at cliffhangers, Maxwell invites everyone to the shop when she continues her stories.

The next day at school, Zack mischievously steals Yume's book and teases her in front of everyone. Evidently upset by this, she shouts angrily at Zack as she runs past Laura and Kana talking to some friends.

At the end of the day, Yume gets home, and Maxwell and the Ham-Hams are unaware of what has happened at school. She sits by her bed crying, and as Maxwell tries to comfort her from his cage, she says that she will stop writing her stories, much to the Ham-Hams’ dismay.

Leaving the store, Maxwell apologizes to the Ham-Hams about what has happened. Just as they were about to part their ways, Howdy notices Zack with Laura and Kana. They overhear him confessing what he has done to upset and tease Yume. Enraged by this, Maxwell loses his temper and says that he would never forgive Zack for what he has done. This offends Howdy and causes the two to fight.

The next day, Howdy is at the clubhouse with Boss, Bijou, Hamtaro and Dexter. Maxwell however has not turned up. This causes Howdy to feel upset and guilty over the fight. They soon head outside and wait for Maxwell. Just as Bijou figures Maxwell will not be not arriving, he suddenly appears over the horizon, cheerful as can be. Howdy runs up to him to apologize, and Maxwell apologizes deeply to Howdy as well, saying that he is very sorry for saying such things about Zack, admitting his mistake in starting the fight. The two friends happily forgive each other.

Zack, who is now feeling guilty about what he has done, runs through the park looking for Yume's book that he had lost, and believes crows had stolen it. The Ham-Hams help him find it, and he returns it to Yume along with Laura and Kana, and apologizes to her. Yume forgives him. As Laura and Kana need help with a kids reading session they have to do, they invite Yume to help them, which turns out to be a success.





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